1. Rates:

1.1  Fees for the preparation of medical reports, court attendances, conferences and dealing with correspondence:

Time Fee
1 unit (6 minutes) £38.40
1 hour £384.00
1 day £2,688.00
1 day + overnight stay £3,072.00

2. Report writing:

2.1  Should a case be unexpectedly complex, such that further time is required, then we will only spend up to one further hour working on a report before further authorisation is sought; this may influence the quoted turnaround time.

2.2  All initial reports are provided with a draft watermark and without the expert’s signature appended. The draft watermark is only removed, and signature of the expert appended, once our instructing party (preferably with Counsel’s approval) has confirmed, in writing, that the report is to be finalised.

2.3  If further work is required, after providing the initial report to our instructing party, then this will be chargeable in line with these terms and conditions of business: (1.1).

2.4  Screening reports, on no more than 500 pages, are charged at £576.00.

2.4.1  Experts will not append their signature to a screening report, for disclosure purposes, unless it is updated to a full report as screening reports are based upon a brief review of the available documentation and are not CPR pt.35 compliant.

3. Consideration of imaging:

3.1  Consideration of any imaging provided is charged separately, in line with these terms and conditions of business: [1.1].

4. Travelling Expenses:

4.1  Travelling time for court attendance, consultations, and/or conferences is charged in line with these terms and conditions of business: [1.1].

4.2  Travelling expenses, by car, are charged at 132p per mile.

5. VAT:

5.1  VAT at the standard rate of 20% will apply. Our VAT registration number is: GB 261 4849 90.

6. Payment of fee notes:

6.1  Payment is due within 60 days of the date of the fee note unless otherwise agreed.  If payment has not been received within 60 days, interest will be added at 1% per month thereafter from the date of invoice.

6.2  We are unable to continue working on any file with an outstanding invoice of more than 60 days.

7. Experts cancelling conferences, appointments and/or consultations:

7.1  From time-to-time our experts are required to undertake urgent NHS clinical business, which may result in them being required to cancel a conference, appointment and/or a consultation last minute; we do not accept any responsibility for any fees incurred by claimants and/or by our instructing parties in this respect.

8 Cancellation periods:

8.1  If our instructing party cancels a previously planned investigation, conference (whether by telephone or in person) and/or a court attendance the following cancellation policy is applicable (the respective fee will be calculated from the date notice is provided):

8.1.1 4 weeks’ notice provided: 25% of anticipated fee charged.

8.1.2 Less than 2 weeks’ notice provided: 50% of anticipated fee charged.

8.1.3 Less than 3 working days’ notice provided: 75% of anticipated fee charged

8.1.4  Less than 24 hours’ notice provide: 100% of anticipated fee charged

9. Report/opinion turnaround:

9.1  We strive to deliver draft desktop medical reports (i.e. on the records alone) within 5-7 weeks from the date of clear agreement to terms and receipt of all the respective documentation, unless otherwise agreed. For a report with a consultation, again the anticipated turnaround time is 5-7 weeks from the date consultation, providing we have clear agreement to terms, in addition to having received all respective documentation, again unless otherwise agreed. Please be advised that the 5-7-week turnaround is subject to clause [9.3].

9.2  The anticipated turnaround time to deal with correspondence is 14-working days; this 14-working day turnaround is again subject to clause [9.3].

9.3  Instructing parties accept that from time-to-time, urgent NHS clinic duties may arise and affect a quoted turnaround time.

10. Urgent report/opinion surcharge:

10.1 For a report to be provided within 14 working days, a surcharge of 15% is applied to the final fee.

10.2  For correspondence to be dealt with inside of 14 working days, a surcharge of again 15% is applied to the final fee.

11. Medical records:

11.1  We are a paper free office, and where possible, we request that our instructing parties forward encrypted (256bit AES-strength) electronic medical records / diagnostic imaging. We destroy all media containing encrypted electronic medical records / diagnostic imaging once the data has been extracted and uploaded to our GDPR compliant file sharing and content governance system, unless otherwise agreed.

11.2  We are happy to receive paper records, but request that these are packaged appropriately and are trackable (preferably forwarded to our DX mailbox). Paper records are always destroyed having been converted to an electronic format and then stored on our GDPR compliant file sharing and content governance system; see clause [11.3].

11.3  We will only return encrypted media (i.e. not paper records) if requested. The request to returned encrypted media however must be made by the instructing party at the time of agreement to terms. Encrypted media must always be returned using a tracked postage service and the cost for doing so must be borne by the instructing party.

11.4  In order to save time, and ultimately cost, records should be organised chronologically into the following sub-categories:

11.4.1  Hospital Records:  1. Clinical notes;  2. Operation notes;  3. Nursing Notes;  4. Observation charts; 5. Prescription sheets; 6. Investigation reports; 7. Correspondence.

11.4.2  GP Records: 1. Computerized records;  2. Lloyd-George records;  3. Correspondence.

11.5  Unorganised records will affect the quoted turnaround time and may impact upon the quotation provided.

11.6  We are happy to organise notes, with an index, at a fixed fee of £500.00/instruction.

12. Other services:

12.1  From time-to-time our experts will need to invoke the services of other specialists to complete a medical report.

12.1.1  When a report on life expectancy is requested, we will need to invoke the services of a Medical Statistician to provide actuarial calculations based on risk factors/co-morbidities: £220.00/hour (usually 2 hours required depending on the complexity of the case).

12.1.2  When a review of the relevant literature is requested, we will need to invoke the services of a Librarian to acquire respective literature for the instructed expert: £80.00/hour (usually between 4-5 hours required depending on the complexity of the case).

12.1.3  A Medical Illustrator can also be provided to produce images/diagrams/figures: £80.00/hour.


13. Data Protection:

13.1 All data provided to us is stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) please see our privacy notice for further details.

13.2  McCollum Consultants is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office: ZA429032 (view a PDF of our ICO certificate of registration here). Please consult our privacy notice for more information on how personal identifiable data is handled.


14. Acceptance:

14.1  Acceptance of these terms and conditions is an acceptance of an express contract providing the courts with exclusive and non-exclusive jurisdiction as appropriate. Any dispute will be settled under English Law.