About us

Medico-legal advice you can rely on...

We are committed to improving quality

  • Our experts are vetted before being invited to join McCollum Consultants to ensure that they are true specialists in their field.
  • We are committed to ensuring that all our experts undergo medico-legal training, appraisal, and CPD, both internally and independently.
  • Experts attend regular legal seminars to ensure they are abreast of any changes to the legal landscape.
  • All advice is reviewed to ensure that opinions are clear and in plain English.
  • We reflect on feedback to ensure that our experts are providing only the highest quality advice.

A bespoke and innovative approach

  • We manage our experts using a hand-crafted case management system designed by our incredible coding team.
  • We have a personal relationship with our experts, making communication second nature to our working practice.
  • Our experts in the main work exclusively for us.
  • We are always on hand to assist with enquiries relating to new instructions or ongoing matters.


The number of medical cases we’ve advised on since we were founded in 2017


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The number of experts in our team


The number of medical specialisms we cover

How we can help

Medico-Legal Advice

We can provide medico-legal reports within 6-8 weeks of receiving a document bundle, sooner if required but subject to prior agreement.

Medical Literature Service

At your request, our Librarian can:

  • Search for published literature on any clinical topic;
  • Obtain the published literature;
  • Review the published literature;
  • Produce a report on the published literature; and
  • Provide the published literature with a full list of references.

Medical Illustration Service

At your request, our Medical Illustrator can produce:

  • Diagrams to illustrate pathologies or treatments;
  • Search libraries for diagrams, figures or photographs that illustrate disease, injuries or treatments; and
  • Take medical photographs for use in medico-legal reports.

Medical Statistics Service

At your request, our Medical Statistician can produce:

  • Actuarial calculations, with respect to life expectancy, for use in medico-legal reports.