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McCollum Consultants are the UK's leading team of medical expert witnesses, providing the most reliable and persuasive medico-legal advice. 


Specialist medico-legal advice and reports for complex cases

Our focus is on complex high-value cases, providing you with the most authoritative medical reports with the most efficient and personal service. Our unique offer is a balance of medical expertise and a deep understanding of law.

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We offer expert medico-legal advice to claimant & defendant solicitors on:

Personal Injury, Clinical Negligence, Employment Law, Criminal and Private Law matters

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What our clients say...

“Mr Welch’s initial report was most helpful as was his amended report provided overnight, after the first day of evidence and in the light of some extra medical records. Mr Welch’s presence at court to hear all the evidence was really beneficial and his contribution from the witness box to the live evidence was of great assistance. It was a great pleasure to work with Mr Welch. I know that my coroner’s officer felt the same.”

Caroline Beasley-Murray, HM Senior Coroner Essex

“The Metropolitan Police and Counsel were more than happy with how accommodating Mr Welch was in addition to the quality of the information in his report and the quality of his evidence. Without him, we would not have secured a conviction. In particular, he explained technical jargon in layman’s terms which was very helpful for the jury to understand the complexities of vascular medicine. Thank you also to Richard Williams-Lees and Anthony Evans for their assistance in this case.”

The Metropolitan Police

“The assistance of McCollum Consultants, specifically Dr Nadim Malik and Richard Williams-Lees Esq. has been invaluable. We will certainly contact them again in the future should we require assistance in obtaining a defense expert.”

Robinsons Solicitors

"We contacted McCollum Consultants and requested an expert report at very short notice. Not only were they able to assist within the deadlines, but they were extremely helpful... The expert’s report was of good quality and the administration very efficient. Will definitely use again should the need arise."

Ms Julie Carlisle, CNC