Medico-Legal Advice

We can provide medico-legal reports for clinical negligence, personal injury and criminal cases within 4-6 weeks of receiving the document bundle. Our areas of expertise include:


  • Venous & arterial disease;
  • Vascular interventional radiology;
  • Stroke medicine & neurology;
  • Diabetes and the diabetic foot;
  • Cardiology & cardiac catheterization;
  • Thrombosis, thrombophilia & haematology; and
  • Life expectancy reports in individuals with cardiovascular disease.

Pagination Service

At your request, our Specialist Nurse can: 

  • Re-organise medical records and produce an index; 

  • Paginate medical records; and
  • Produce chronologies, summarising key events.

Medical Literature Service

At your request, our Librarian can:

  • Search for published literature on any topic; 
  • Obtain the published literature; 
  • Review the the published literature;
  • Produce a report on the published literature; and  
  • Provide the published literature with a full list of references.

    Medical Illustration Service

    At your request, our Medical Illustrator can produce: 

    • Diagrams to illustrate pathologies or treatments; 
    • Search libraries for diagrams, figures or photographs that illustrate disease, injuries or treatments; and
    • Take medical photographs for use in medico-legal reports.

    Medical Statistics Service

    At your request, our Medical Statistician can produce:

    • Actuarial calculations, with respect to life expectancy, for use in medico-legal reports.

    Vascular Imaging Service

    All vascular imaging is carried out by Independent Vascular Services who are the largest independent provider of High Definition duplex Doppler ultrasound imaging in Europe. 

    McCollum Consultants recommend that when instructing one of our vascular consultants to prepare a report on current condition and prognosis, the Claimant should undergo vascular imaging, before the consultation, in order to investigate and illustrate the underlying arterial venous disease. 

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