“The assistance of McCollum Consultants, specifically Dr Nadim Malik and Richard Williams-Lees Esq. has been invaluable. We will certainly contact them again in the future should we require assistance in obtaining a defense expert.”

Robinsons Solicitors, February 2019

“Having been let down by an expert at very short notice I approached McCollum Consultants for help with the case. In a very short period of time experts were located to assist, reports prepared, a conference with Counsel arranged and reports finalised. The Experts were of a very high calibre and the service was excellent being efficient, professional and helpful.”

Lisa Binnion, BLV Law, November 2018

“Counsel and I were happy with Dr Al-Aloul’s report. He addressed all the issues clearly and concisely.”

Ian Corbett, Partner, Hopkins Solicitors LLP, August 2018

“It is fair to say that Professor McCollum’s brilliant Report on liability and causation was the difference between winning and losing a very difficult case where a failure to diagnose a vascular issue resulted in an above right knee amputation. His mastery of the numerous hospital records was exemplary and the service... first class. I would not hesitate to instruct Professor McCollum at a very early stage in any similar case in the future.”

Mr David Goldsmith, DGR Law, April 2018

“Mr Welch’s initial report was most helpful as was his amended report provided overnight, after the first day of evidence and in the light of some extra medical records. Mr Welch’s presence at court to hear all the evidence was really beneficial and his contribution from the witness box to the live evidence was of great assistance. It was a great pleasure to work with Mr Welch. I know that my coroner’s officer felt the same.”

Caroline Beasley-Murray, HM Senior Coroner Essex, March 2018

“Professor McCollum's expertise is unquestionable... Clients are always his priority and his detail in consultation and in reporting set his standards apart...”

Mr Nick Harries, Simpson Millar Solicitors, February 2017

“Having recently had the benefit of Prof McCollum's expertise by way of a comprehensive medico-legal report on liability and causation, together with a follow-up conference call in an extremely complex stroke case which is ongoing, I can certainly vouch for the merits of retaining Prof McCollum in any clinical negligence action where vascular issues arise.”

McCarthy & Co Solicitors

“Professor Charles McCollum provided an excellent service, with a prompt and thorough report. His report went to the core of the issues and brought clarity to the case.”

Ms Nicola Downey, Hudgell Solicitors, February 2017

“In my 14 years as a medical negligence solicitor I have come across his work regularly and have always found it to be of the highest quality in subject matter, presentation and attention to detail...Professor McCollum is unafraid of stating his position, whether supportive or otherwise of a claim. His opinion is objective, independent and evidence based. He offers a rare combination of high quality medical expertise and legal knowledge.”

Mrs Elaine Meehan, Ralli Solicitors, February 2017

“There are a number of solicitors at Barcan+Kirby who have instructed Professor McCollum...He always provides a clear, well researched opinion and is accessible and helpful with follow up questions and in conference. In one case in particular he was able to provide insight on an unusual medical issue which other medics had not considered - it gave the lawyers in this case an avenue to explore. Without that insight the medical negligence claim would not have advanced.”

Mrs Jay Nathwani, Barcan + Kirby Solicitors, February 2017

“The service provided was excellent. Mr Damian Kelleher had a very clear understanding of the complex issues, considered all the evidence in the case thoroughly and provided a concise, fully reasoned expert medical opinion...”

Mr Christopher Mason, Bates Wells & Braithwaite Solicitors, December 2016